Travel Tip – Book Flights in Canada with Price Drop Protection

Winter-Flights-Price-Drop-ProtectionIf you’re a frugal traveller such as myself, flights have and always will be one of the most expensive part of your travels. Unfortunately Canada has yet to produce any budget airlines like those in Europe & Australia. The most common travel tip I hear when it comes to flights is to “shop around”. However, by spending a few extra minutes on the internet you’ll soon find that airline prices fluctuate. Which means if you’re the go-getting type who books a flight 3 months in advance, you may find  looking at the exact same flight 3 weeks before your flight will turn up cheaper costs. Prices drop, the economy changes, fuel costs fluctuate. I like to call this “the ultimate slap in the face”. It sucks, and apparently I’m not the only one who’s seen this hairy dilemma.

I’ve come across a new program that’s being offered by FlightNetwork. They call it “Price Drop Protection“. Basically, if you book a flight early, then the same flight decides to drop in price a few weeks later, you earn that money back. Its kept on your account and can be used for future flights and/or travel insurance. If you book more than a couple flights a year, this can turn into a decent chunk of savings.

In case my explanation totally sucks, their website has this say:

For example, if you’ve purchased a flight for $500 and the price drops to $400, you can grab that deal and we’ll give you $100 Price Drop Protection Dollars to spend on future Flight or Insurance bookings.

So it turns out I’m not the only one who’s thought about this whole price fluctuation in flights. The scientists, mathematicians and logistic people at Flight Network, whom I assume wear white lab coats did some surveys across Canada and found the leading concern with Canadians booking flights was price fluctuation. So rather than thinking “Oh, bummer…“,  they took the go-get’um approach and said “Let’s fix this!” – and fix it they did! Hello travel savings!

I should also mention that Flight Network is actually the 2nd largest Online Canadian travel company, so you know you’re in good hands. I’ll be using their service to help keep my travel costs low, and definitely recommend you guys give them a try too.

Backflip budget travel team high 5’s all around! Boom!



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