Travel videos have seen a tremendous growth in the last ten years. While many travellers still document their journeys to share with friends and family, travel & video junkies tend to prefer more polished, and quicker to digest videos. Transat’s new series “Tarmac” looks to do to travel hacks what Buzzfeed’s “Tasty” did for home cooking. Quick tips and insights into making life on the road that much easier, all in a to-the-point travel video. The perfect type of video for sharing on social media. My personal favourite I’ve seen so far is “6 Beers to Quench Your Thirst for Travel“.

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They’re covering everything from popular attractions at countless destinations across the world, while peppering in pieces on memorable information that hits you with just the right amount of detail without making you feel too overwhelmed. This video on Travel Hacks and Hotel Recipes is a homerun in my opinion. Hats off to the people working on “Tarmac”, absolutely loving the cute animations and travel tips. Looking forward to seeing more!

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