Toronto Scores #7 on New York Times’ Top 52 Places To Visit in 2016

In case you didn’t have enough reasons to visit Toronto this year, the smart folks at the New York Times scored “The Big Smoke” at the #7 position in their top 52 places to visit in 2016, beating out other popular Canadian cities including Vancouver and Montreal. But why the change of heart? Normally Vancouver or Montreal gets all the love. What changed? What makes Toronto so great this time around?


Toronto one of the best cities to visit in 2016!

According to the Times, Toronto’s recent revamp of their waterfront and the revitalization of some old run down industrial neighbourhoods such as the Junction have tidied Toronto’s image up enough to make the big leagues. On top of that, the huge cultural diversity certainly help. Toss in the Toronto International Film Festival and the recent success of the Toronto Blue Jays and it sounds like Toronto’s in like flynn.

According to the Times article “Canada’s largest city is ready for its close-up” – toss in the weak Canadian dollar and it’s a recipe for a tourism boom to Toronto. Toronto gets a lot across a lot of Canada, but I stand by the fact that it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. Even if the Leafs will never win the cup again.


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