This Watch Will Outlive Us All

I received my first Swiss Army Knife at the age of 10 with clear instructions from my father. ‘Don’t cut yourself, but more importantly, don’t cut someone else. This is a tool. Look after it and it’ll look after you.‘ I still have that knife, while it’s taken a good beating over the years, it’s still a trusty member in my arsenal of backpacking tools. It’s been announced that the minds that brought the Swiss Army Knife are expanding outside of knives, and taking a stab at high performance, ultra durable, swiss inspired watches.

Meet the Victorinox I.N.O.X Watch

With the 130th Annivsary of Victorinox, the I.N.O.X is a gentle reminder to the world, that this company has been there and will continue to be there for you, even in times of post-apocalyptic mayhem. Judging by their commercial this is the kind of timepiece that can take a serious beating.

The I.N.O.X is designed to not just take up the day to day abuse of people. They specifically designed this watch to last, putting it through an intesntive 130 tests to demonstrate it’s resistance to anything you throw at it. From 10 Meter drops on concrete, to 64-ton tanks cruising over the piece, from hours in washing machines, sandstorms, and a wide variety of temperatures, this watch is made to take a beating.

inox watch

Why I.N.O.X?

I.N.O.X, french for ‘Stainless steel’, honours the early 20th century invention that made Swiss Army Knife the success it is. While their knives are trusted by dozens of armies across the world, NASA astronauts, and countless everyday joes, I suspect that this watch may soon find itself in the same category.

The Victorinox I.N.O.X is solid steel and beautifully designed. The I.N.O.X comes in several dials and straps, and is available at Macy’s and online as of September 2014. I imagine it will be the object of desire this Christmas for outdoorsmen, avid fishermen, and the perfect gift for Dad or Grandpa.

Disclaimer: I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is my own. 

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