Okay, so I’m a day late again on my Sunday Canadian Travel video series. But I have an excuse. I was woodcarving all Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon. Once Sunday rolled around, I decided to have a lazy day and avoid my computer all together. I’m happy to have found this video though, and sharing it a day late is still going to be worth it. I promise!

The Wild Within is a travel short by Destination BC. It’s travel porn at it’s finest. Nature, slow motion, epic lighting, serene music. The sort of video that makes you want to smash your computer, drive into the woods with a canoe, and throw the car keys into the middle of a lake. Or maybe that’s just me.

Head to the youtube page to view the location list and get an idea where these shots were filmed. If this doesn’t make you want to explore BC a bit more, then you are insane.


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