The Ultimate Packing list for Backpacking Across Canada

Packing ListPacking for the first leg of your journey can about as stressful as a glass shard in your foot. Having to decide what to bring and what to leave can cause some people nausia, headaches, and even heartburn…well, maybe not that last one… Either way, I took the liberty of using PackWhiz, a great online tool designed to help lazy people create packing lists. With a few clicks, out came “The Ultimate Packing List for Backpacking Across Canada“. I included everything I thought necessary for a backpacking trip in Canada. The list is intended for both males and females, so boys, don’t be shocked when you see Female Hygiene Products on the packing list, I would suggest ignoring that. Unless you’re the kind of guy who packs for every kind of emergency.

Either way, print it off, it should make having a case of the packing-worries a thing of the past.

Click Here to View The Ultimate Packing List


  • Dave and Deb

    I think that I am going to try that pack whiz. No matter how many times we travel, we still never get it perfect. Maybe this will help. I think that backpacking Canada would be very difficult to pack for. Our climates are so varied. Packing in cool weather always messes me up. I always over pack.
    It is awesome that you have made a list!
    .-= Dave and Deb´s last blog ..Trekking the Athabasca Glacier on our Rocky Mountain Adventure Drive =-.

    • Corbin

      @Dave & Deb I know what you mean, there’s always something I wish I would have brought or something I wish I woulda left behind. I think how you plan on Backpacking Canada determines what you’ll need to bring. If you’ve got you’re own vehicle, there’s tons of room for storage. So bringing those ski pants or that extra parka would probably make sense. However if you’re just rockin one small bag and Greyhounding it, space is pretty limited. Thankfully travel gear is so much more futuristic these days, thin shells that can be good up to -20. Grandma always says “Dress in layers” – people that old are usually right. But yea, packing, no matter how prepared you think you are, downright sucks.

  • Liz Warner

    agree! I hate packing! lol. Hey I checked out Packwhiz, it’s awesome I wasn’t aware that there’s something like this for lazy travelers haha

  • Wilson Julie42

    do you know a really cheap way to get to canada from the uk

  • backpack lover

    “Having to decide what to bring and what to leave can cause some people nausia, headaches, and even heartburn”

    I like this part very much…