The Sunday Canadian Travel Video: Banff To Jasper

Sundays are typically a pretty boring day for me, so in a selfish bid to make Sundays a little more exciting in my eyes, and hopefully yours, I’ve decided to start scouring the tubes of the internet in order to find some inspirational Canadian Travel Videos. In this age, it isn’t hard to find travel videos on the internet, however a lot of them seem to lack a certain “gusta” that professional broadcast videos have. With any luck, I’ll be able to find a decent video every Sunday to light the fire of desire for your next Canadian adventure.

The first video is a video I found on TripFilms, Titled “Banff to Jasper – One of the world’s most breathtaking drives”

Video by TravelContent
Check back every Sunday and I’ll try my darndest to find some neat Canadian Travel Video’s, or perhaps in time, start making my own.

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