The pain and suffering mankind will go through to enjoy some adventure. Yes, surfing the great lakes is possible, and yes, people are insane enough to suit up and take to the waves in the winter. I recently came across this video on /r/videos and laughed out loud. I had heard of these crazy folks, and even had seen photos, but I’ve never actually seen what the surf is like in the Great Lakes.

Many people forget Surfing in Canada is even a thing – but these folks take it to the extreme. Hats off to these guys, I’d absolutely love to try that out. The video is super well done, with catchy tunes, superb videography, and a unique subject. Keep on ridin’ boys!

Where to surf the Great Lakes?

Visit Collingwood, Ontario, located in the southern part of Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. Home of maniacs and adventure seekers. Collingwood, Ontario has a population just shy of 20,000 people. If you’re crazy enough to try surfing the Great Lakes in Winter, bring your wetsuit. Death will surely come to those who don’t.

There’s also some great snowboarding and skiing nearby for those who prefer to stay a bit more dry, and during the summer months this area is home to some great swimming, hiking, and biking trails. It’s a bit of a tucked away outdoor lovers paradise. Check it out!

Surfing the Great Lakes in -16 Celsius

From the video’s author: “Normally when you think surfing you think hot weather and an ocean swell. Turns out all you need is a Great Lake and a 46km/h onshore wind.”

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