Sunday Canadian Travel Video – The Surf Lifestyle in Tofino BC

I’ve been on a real west coast stint as of lately with Fridays photo of
Vancouvers Skyline and countless posts in the last couple months about British Columbia. So just to be consistent, I’ve decided to share a video by Tourism Canada of one of my favourite locations in Canada.

Tofino is a surf town at its very core, and its a great stop for backpackers. There’s a couple Hostels in town, and plenty to see and do. Tofino’s a great spot for first-time surfers. If you have a little more experience you’ll have to chat to the locals to find the fear-inducing locations. Be sure to book ahead in Tofino as accommodation in the summer is pretty limited. If things are full, don’t be afraid to check out Ucluelet, which is a great alternative to Tofino.

Video by Canadian Tourism



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