Sunday Canadian Travel Video – French Poutine is Awesome!

Mmmm poutine… Perhaps it’s the beers from last night talking, but this Sunday seems like the perfect opportunity to stare and drool over Canada’s greasiest meal, La Poutine. Fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Three incredible ingredients which together make for one of the tastiest artery clogging meals.

While I’ve gotten my own poutine recipe down; it’ll never beat true Quebecois poutine & their many variations. So today, join me in watching this hunger-inducing video.

[ Video by WatchMojo ]


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  • Margaret Antkowski

    Just watched the video and now I’m craving poutine. Big-time. In all your travels across Canada, have you found any good places that serve amazing poutine?

    • Corbin Fraser

      Haha sorry to do that to you, poutine always makes me hungry.

      Well hands down in Halifax, Willy’s has the best poutine. Right down from Pizza corner. In montreal, La Banquise for sure.

      Next time I hit the road I should definitely try to find the best poutines across Canada. Maybe i’ll bike across Canada doing that…burn calories while taking them in. haha.

  • Yaya H

    omg – my mouth is suddenly filled with saliva. 

    • Corbin Fraser

      haha yea poutine is my vice. There’s a new poutine shop that just opened in Halifax I’ve been meaning to check out, looks almost as good as this.

  • Yaya H

    Omg – my mouth is suddenly filled with saliva. 

  • rosemary

    Ya you are right. When i stayed in Hotel Le President , i tasted French Poutine  its wonderful…