Sunday Canadian Travel Video – Dorset Tower Time Lapse in Ontario

Ontario blew my mind. Those four words have been repeated countless times in the last week. I’ve been editing photos, video, and squeezing in writing as often as I can in order to show everyone what exactly I mean by that. I finally managed to find time to quickly edit this time lapse video of the Ontario Scenery.

This time lapse was taken from the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower. It’s located on this incredible hill above the town, overlooking the Lake of Bays in the Muskoka and Haliburton area. While it’s not technically “Algonquin Park”, its pretty darn close. After climbing the rickety metal structure, I was a little out of breathe. I counted a total of 116 steps, although I may have messed up near the end as I began to realize I need to work out more.

I was carrying my new Gorrila Pod & my handy iPhone 4, so I set up shop for roughly 20 minutes and commenced time lapsing. This video was the result of it all. See below for photos as well.

Switch to 720p if you’re on a good connection please! 

 Special thanks to Avril from the McMichael Art Gallery for telling us to make the Dorset Tower a stop.


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