Stop Polar Bear Hunting

Canada has a strange relationship with polar bears. We Canadians love the fact that we have them, we use them in everything from Company Logos, to Sporting teams, we proudly have them stamped on our Toonie, but for some reason the government of Canada thinks it’s okay to allow game hunter’s, particularly those from the USA to fly up North, and experience the so called “thrill” of killing these beautiful bears. Estimates say that the polar bear stop polar bear huntingpopulation is sitting somewhere between 22 000 and 25 000, which technically classifies them as a threatened species.

People these days seem to have a strange misunderstanding of the true dangers polar bears face. Many seem to think they’re drowning due to global warming. That is false. There hasn’t been one known case of this. Many seem to think they are starving due to global warming. That too is disputable. The only fact we know for sure, is that every year over 700 polar bears are hunted by non-native citizens, making game hunting the most dangerous enemy to the Polar Bears.

Canada is the only nation in the world that allows non-natives and non-citizens to hunt Polar Bears. Which is pretty sad considering there are at least 4 other nations with polar bears residing within. An even more sad fact is that 60% of the Polar Bear population is found within Canada. This recreational hunt has been going on since 1970. The longer the hunt goes on, the more threatened the species will become.

Please sign one of the many petitions to end Polar Bear Hunting

If your interested in assisting the end of polar bear hunting check out Stop Polar Bear Hunting

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