Spock Five – The new Canadian Currency?

Spock 5 DollarI stumbled across something which may or may not be the funniest thing I’ve seen on the internet since that little kid on drugs after the dentist – According to the original Spock Five Article at Bacon Magazine, for the last decade or so a dedicated group of individuals have been Spocking their Canadian 5 Dollar Bills. Spock, for anyone who has been living under a rock all their life, is the famous Vulcan officer from Star Trek, originally played by Leonard Nimoy.  Apparently I was kept in the dark, as I have yet to receive one, nor have I ever heard of this.

There is also a Facebook Group –  Spock Your Fives – Which insists everyone should Spock their Fives in order to keep this joke running as long as possible. iBackpackCanada.com does not endorse the act of defacing Canadian currency, however I personally have to admit, I chuckled at how funny & close the resemblance is.

Quick History Lesson – Sir Wilfrid Laurier was elected Prime Minister in 1896 and was Canada’s first francophone prime minister.5 Dollar Canadian Bill

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