Say Goodbye to the Canadian Penny

Quick post today, as I don’t want to interrupt anyones weekend beer drinking time, including my own. The time has finally come where the penny will be no more. The Conservatives announced that the 2012 budget simply can’t afford to keep pennies in circulation. Pennies ironically cost more than a penny to manufacture, and in this day and age, these coins have become just extra weight in our pockets. It was announced this March that the Canadian Government will have the Royal Canadian Mint cease production of  the 1 cent coin.

Canada will be taking a page from Australia’s book and rounding up or down to the nearest nickel. This will surely please many people, and infuriate a few. Such is life in the true north strong & free. Some may say these are dark times. I on the other hand prefer to celebrate, and may partake in a serious game of Penny Can (Yea, so what I’ve seen Cougar Town). Perhaps it’s the minimalist in me, or the fact that I’m terrible at saving money, but I can’t help but think this is a good thing.


A Farewell Message to Canadian Pennies

To the Pennies, you took too long to roll up, which meant I often broke the law and threw you in the garbage. You smelled weird, were pretty worthless, and for some reason I could use your American brothers in lieu of you without ever being questioned. I hated carrying you, but tolerated your worth in the economy. I celebrate in your demise, but respect your humble beginnings. I would drink in your honour, but it would take over 500 of you to pay for that pint. So instead, I won’t. Goodbye Pennies. May you live on in the names of strippers and ladies of the night.

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