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Ride share canadaWith thousands of kilometers between major city centers, it can be mega difficult and expensive to get from where you are, to where you’re going. There’s several ways, including grabbing a train, taking a bus, finding a cheap flight. All of which can cost quite a bit. If you’re looking to save some money, help the environment, and make a new friend, Ride Sharing can be more effective than any major transportation system.

Ride sharing is getting more popular in both Canada and the United States. Particularly due to the increase in popularity to ridesharing websites, such as LiftSurfer, PickupPal and RideShareOnline. You’re best chance of finding a ride share in Canada will be between major city centers, such as Vancouver to Calgary, Toronto to Montreal, etc. However, with enough searching, and some careful planning, you can get just about anywhere, particularly if it’s along the Trans-Canada Highway.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ride sharing, here’s how it works.

  • Somebody with a car posts online where they’ll be going, when they are leaving, and how long they plan on taking to get there.
  • People looking for lifts check online, contact them through the websites or by email, and decide on conditions (usually you’re expected to split the cost of gas/petrol, and sometimes a bit of driving on long haul trips)
  • Somebody looking for a ride could also post a request listing, and if somebody is about to drive that way, they’ll reply to you.

I suggest you give your self at least one week to find a ride, as it can sometimes be a waiting game until you find the ride you’re looking for. You can also check Backpackers & hostel notice boards, sometimes ride sharing fliers will be found on them.

Just like hitchhiking, you should use common sense, and let as many people know who you’re going with, where you’re going, and when you’ll be getting there. Keep in contact with friends or family along the way. Feel free to confirm the identity of anyone you’ll be riding with. Despite the possible dangers, you’ve got a way better chance to see a locals perspective on Canada, and the chance to make a new friend. Ride sharing can be a great way to save some money and the environment, just remember to stay safe, use common sense, and have fun.

Start looking for Ride Shares at LiftSurfer and RideShareOnline and PickupPalRidesharing Pickup Pal

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