Pimp your iPhone Camera with GorillaCam

GorillaCam-Iphone-AppiPhone applications are taking over the world! I’ve run across many a cool iPhone apps, some are great for a day, others I use for a week. Some I poke around with for a few minutes. But it seems I tend to forget about them, or just realize that some of them are completely useless in the long run. There are however some fantastic Apps you should check out that will help my fellow traveller out. They might not be used everyday, but you’ll have a tough time ever getting rid of them, knowing they might come in handy one day. Nomadic Matt did a great post on some of his favourite iphone travel apps . In this post I’ll be reviewing the new GorillaCam app that will  knock your metaphorical socks off.

The iPhone Camera is one of those tools I find myself using almost everyday. Sometimes I’m snapping a picture of the scenery, sometimes some buildings, other times I’m just grabbing a stealthy snap of the ‘Perfect 10‘ I saw on the weekend. While I tend to go a little crazy sometimes with pictures, I find myself angry on occasion just over small things. It always seemed as if the iPhone Camera was missing something. Then came ‘The GorillaCam’. It has the abillity to turn your semi-awesome iPhone Camera into a fully-awesome iPhone Camera. Some of it’s most notable features include:

  • Self Timer – A great tool to have for catching those group photos or scoring a shot of your sweet boy-band pose. You’ll probably want the Gorillamobile Tripod for this, unless you’re a master of leaning your phone against Pillows or books.
  • Unlimited Rapid-Fire – With the GorillaCam app you can get snap-happy with a sweet 1.6 shots per second. Just click & hold your shutter button and you’ll find yourself telling your subjects, “You’re a tiger, grr”
  • Grid Overlay – Overlay an grid to help create more pleasing photos to the eye using that magical “rule of thirds”.
  • Time-Lapse – One of my favourite features, take multiple photos spaced at an interval of your choosing. Perfect for getting some cool shots of the clouds moving, cars going by, or actually cattching that action shot you’ve been trying to nail with the old school iPhone camera.
  • Auto-save – This extremely handy feature allows you to keep firing away while your photos are being saved in the background. No more holding your phone up waiting between shots.
  • Bubble Level – Level out your shots everytime. Great for lining up your photos horizontally and vertically.
  • Read more features at the GorillaCam website

These features are all trumped by the best feature of all. It’s free! It’s like they read my cheap mind. Thank you GorillaCam. You rock my world, and my phone.

Download the GorillaCam iPhone App here

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