Photo Du Jour – Time Lapse of a Halifax Sunset

I was doing some writing last night along the Halifax boardwalk and decided to test out a new app I had recently purchased from the iTunes store. I found an old barnacle shell and propped my iPhone up on the slanted bench and proceeded to record for just over an hour. I know that this is technically in “Video” format, but it was shot using all stills. I am honestly pretty surprised with the results, especially considering this entire time lapse was done on a cell phone.

Music by Of Porcelain

The Time lapse is of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and features several boats, the Halifax Harbour, and the iconic MacDonald Bridge. My personal favourite part is when you see a young couple pop into frame to take photos. If you stay til the end, you’ll see an eerie red glow emanating from behind the camera. That’s actually one of the lights along the boardwalk slowly charging up as it gets darker out. All in all, it was fun and I’ll definitely be doing it again.

Have you tried any of the time-lapse apps on your iphone? What’d you think?


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