Photo Du Jour – Sunsets, Power Lines, and Saskatchewan Silhouettes

After being surrounded by the the tall (but increadibly awesome) trees of Ontario for a while, coming to Saskatchewan was a breathe of wide open air. I borrowed some family wheels and hit the road running. Touring this province is no easy task. Hours upon hours between stops, long and exhausting highways, and if you’re not on a main highway you have to expect the road will be riddled with potholes and loose rocks.

However, the time you spend getting to destinations, you make up with these picturesque moments. Moments where you catch a hint of orange fighting with blue in your rear view mirror. Moments where you’re behind schedule and you have no choice but to pull over, sit on the hood of your car, and take in the scene in front of you.

Sunset Saskatchewan Powerlines

Sunsets blow my mind. All sunsets. Doesn’t matter where I am, they typically rock. But there’s something a little more magical about those in Saskatchewan. Maybe its the fact that there isn’t any mountains or large hills blocking the view. Maybe its the dust that farming machinery kick up into the sky. Or perhaps it’s the fact that you can be on the shoulder of a highway for almost an hour without having seen a single other person. It can feel like this sunset in front of you was made specifically for you. Whatever the reason, a Saskatchewan Sunset has the power to move.

Those Saskatchewan license plates couldn’t be more right. “Land of the Living Skies”


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