Photo Du Jour – Kalamalka Lake in the Okanagan Valley

I love coming across locations in Canada that break my preconceived ideas of what Canada “looks like”. It’s all too easy to sum up Canada as a big giant nation with mountains, lakes, some arctic regions, a few prairies and a whole bunch of trees. However, there’s many places across Canada that defy that notion. One of which is the Okanagan Valley.


Located in Southern British Columbia near Kelowna, the Okanagan Region is roughly two-thirds the size of Belgium. There are a bunch of award winning Vineyards in the area, hundreds of fruit orchards & some amazing lakes & rivers for swimming and fishing. The dry desert climate in this area makes it perfect for growing all types of fruit. The fact that this place actually has cactus growing wild completely blows my mind, which just adds to the exotic factor of this location.

Ever been to the Okanagan? How awesome is it!?

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