Photo Du Jour: Algonquin Park’s Autumn Reflections

I recently finished a trip throughout the Algonquin Park, a beautiful and historical provincial park that has been named a national historic site. The history in the area is well worth a post on its own, and while I have started it, I am far from finished. I’m still on the road at the moment, which means my writing time is pretty limited. So that’ll have to wait a few days.

Algonquin-Park in Autumn Ontario-Canoe Lake

This photo was taken at Canoe Lake, one of the most important lakes in the Algonquin Park area due to its connection with Tom Thomson, a famous Canadian artist who was part of the Group of 7 movement. I got extremely lucky with this shot, the reflections seemed to be perfect, and the shades of autumn colours were just right. It has an almost abstract feel to it, but its hands down one of my favourite shots from that lake. Water isn’t normally that glass like and to catch it with those colours, I was pretty gosh darn psyched.

If you’ve ever wondered what fall camping in Ontario is like, check back soon. There’ll be plenty of Ontario posts coming up throughout the next couple weeks.

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