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I love to share travel tips that I either come up with, read, or hear about. Everything from general packing advice, to budgets, to things to consider when you’re visiting specific areas. The travel tips section is constantly growing.

5 Small But Essential Things You Must Pack

Before any big trip, many of us suffer from huge stress – how not to forget what to pack and how to pack everything that is essential? Well, there are a few small and seem like insignificant things we leave at home that might be quite handy when in need, and we do tend to […]

Travelling Tips for a Felon

For most people, travelling is a great way for them to relieve the stress that they have at home. There are so many destinations out there and finding the right one will take some work. Most people never give a second thought to travelling, unless they have a felony on their record. Trying to travel […]

Where to Buy Backpacker Travel Insurance for EU Residents

Backpackers who refuse to purchase travel insurance often have one excuse. They think that since they don’t need backpacker insurance because they are healthy and hence, they won’t get sick while on the road. But backpacker travel insurance is not just about coverage against medical costs should something happen to you while backpacking. It covers […]

canada foreigners eyes

Canada through a foreigners eyes

Travelling in Canada as a foreigner can be an eye-opening experience. There’s plenty of aspects that make Canada unique, however there are also plenty of similarities between the US and Canada, although this is a notion strongly denied by most Canadians you will meet. Being South African, most of the differences I found between Canada […]


Do Backpackers Really Need Travel Insurance?

Insurance – nothing gets you quite as bored as this cringe-inducing word. When you’re living in the high of travel, or even in the pre-high of planning your next adventure, this awful word seems to track you down like prey. Smacking you back into reality and making you think “maybe I should pick some up”. But do you […]

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