Ogopogo – The Canadian Lake Monster

Hidden deep within the chilly waters of Lake Okanagan, something lurks. Something big, something nasty, something…Jurassic. Or at least that’s what many in the area believe. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to back up these unique stories and sightings, people continue to gather around Lake Okanagan hoping to catch a glimpse of this ancient legendary creature.

What is Ogopogo?

The First Nations of in the area have spoke of the Naitaka (aka Ogopogo) for hundreds of years. It was known as a constant threat to the people, and offerings were typically given before long journeys over Lake Okanagan. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s, when the Europeans began to settle/invade the area that stories and sightings began spreading about the 50 foot sea serpent living at the bottom of Lake Okanagan. Many people say Ogopogo is a cousin to the Loch Ness Monster, and is a living Plesiosaur.

Is this thing for real?!

Ogopogo Canadian Lake MonsterImage courtesy of Wikimedia

In the last hundred and some years, countless photos, videos, and stories have surfaced about this Canadian Lake Monster. Unfortunately, as with most other cryptozoological discoveries, the photos are grainy, the videos are shakey and out of focus, or they’re clearly just logs of wood, waves, or in some cases just a beavers tail. Despite the lack of evidence, believers are common in the area.

My thoughts on Ogopogo

Having swam in Lake Okanagan, I can honestly say that it does have that eerie “What the hell was that…something just brushed my foot!” feel to it. Maybe thats because I had heard of the stories before swimming and I was just tripping myself out. Or maybe its the sheer depth and grandeur of the landscape and lake. Or maybe, just MAYBE, my chi was aligning with Ogopogos minds eye, creating a psychic connection where I could feel what he/she felt, and he/she could feel what I felt. Perhaps?

A note to Ogopogo:

I want to believe in you Ogopogo, because dinosaurs would be soooo awesome to ride, and feed, and probably party with. But if you exist, and read the internet, just do yourself a favour. Stand still for a photo, give a massive Dino-Scream in front of a video camera, heck…eat a tourist! We all just want to know, Are you for real!?

Sightings and stories of Ogopogo (’70s edition)

Yes, even the 70s had an interest in the unexplained. Watch the video “The Search for Ogopogo” and check out how young Leonard Nimoy looks! What a gem!

Part 2 of The Search for Ogopogo

Part 3 of the Search for Ogopogo

What do you think?

Do Lake Monsters Exist? And if they do, who would win in a fight…The Loch Ness Monster or Ogopogo?

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