Nova Scotia Bound

Twelve hours from now I’ll be boarding the plane, anxiously waiting for takeoff. Regina to Toronto, followed by Toronto to Halifax! For the first time in what seems like ages, I’m packing my bags, and heading for greener pastures. Nova Scotia bound.novascotia bound

The last time I was in Nova Scotia was almost exactly a year ago, however there were quite a few things I felt I missed, this time it’s being done properly. My sister, my good friend, and myself are getting some miles off our back before the buckling down begins. My sister has to get back to University up in Antigonish, and I have to suffer through another month of caged in cubicles before handing in my resignation and driving my campervan East to pursue a career in music. I’ve been looking forward to this for months, however I haven’t gave it much thought until now.

Traveling with a serious itinerary hasn’t ever really been my thing. Winging it hasn’t let me down yet. So I believe we’ll be doing the same. Albeit, we do have a car rental setup. But that’s just being prepared. I’m assuming we’ll rock the cheap hotels, drinks, pubs, and as much Nova Scotian sea food that we can fit into our guts. Being flatlanders, eating anything that comes out of the water that isn’t Walleye is a gourmet seafood feast. Lobsters…be afraid, be very afraid!

I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to most, the change of scenery, or just being in a city where art, music, and culture are alive and thriving. Whatever the reason, this week I shall drink to the winner until my liver explodes. For that is the Canadian way, since 1867.

For those who were wondering… Yes, I will be posting photos and stories, along with travel reviews of Nova Scotia. Wish me luck!

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