Nova Scotia Bound – Part Three

After a few nights of drinking, it seemed like it was time to see a little more than the bottom of a glass. We grabbed our day packs, and tried to see as much as possible. First stop was the Wharf. We walked the Halifax waterline and snapped a few shots, and finally made it to the Alexander Keiths Brewery. Last time I was in halifax I never got to see it, so I made sure to get to it this time.

The Alexander Keiths Brewery tour was pretty swell, the tour guides are dressed and act in colonial fashion. Aimed a little more at older folks I imagine, but it was good none the less. The guides sing and dance and try and include everybody in on their “colonial festivities”. Ialexander keiths brewery imagine participation would be easier if the beer sampling came before the singing and dancing begins, but it was fun none the less. Plus I had the hots for one of the colonial girls.

The tour costs roughly $15.00, and includes two pints of beer at the end of the tour. Definitely worth the money. The beer sampling includes Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale, Alexander Keiths White, Alexander Keiths Stout, and Alexander Keiths Red Amber Ale. I hammered back a Stout and a White, as India Pale Ale is one of my old time favourites.

After an afternoon hanging out downtown, the Maritimes decided to show it’s true colours. For the next 12 hours there was a constant downpour of rain. So much so, that when we got back to our room, we noticed the roof was beginning to give out, water was dropping through, and the paint was beginning to bubble in quite a few areas. We let the Inn staff know about it, and low and behold, we scored a free upgrade! We ended up with a lush apartment style hotel room, no questions asked!

We took this good fortune as a sign that we should party. So a bottle of Jack Daniels and a ride in a Rick Shaw later, we were at “The Dome”. A three storey mega-bar.jack daniels

Cover was $8.00 and gets you access to every floor. The bottom two being your classic nightclub scene. Neon lights, loud music (heavy on the bass) and lots of dancing. I found the top floor to be the best, live music, pub style seating, a large dance floor, all in a very social atmosphere. I wouldn’t say it’s a backpacker bar, but I did meet a lot of people from different parts of Canada. Particularly on the top floor.

Fast forward through the nasty hangover, a little vomit, and a Tim Horton’s Coffee, and we found ourselves at Bubba Rays on Spring Garden Avenue, recommended by my sisters friend, a local to Halifax. They have a huge selection of wings, done in dozens of different sauces, styles, and several different types of wings. Very delicious!

Between eating, drinking, and seeing Halifax, we met up with several of my sisters friends, some locals of Halifax, others of Ontario, each had nothing but good things to say about Halifax. peggys coveIt’s nightlife, the people, the places, and the community feel of being part of a Maritime Culture. It feels so unique, but familiar. It seems like a lifestyle anybody could adjust to, where ever they come from.

I’ve still got a few days left in Nova Scotia, tomorrow morning I leave Halifax, and head to Antigonish to help move my sister back into Residence at St. FX. We’ll see where the road takes me from there.

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