Need Inspiration to Travel In Canada? Check out the National Parks Project!

The other day I was browsing online looking for Matt Mays tour schedule, knowing he typically plays in Halifax during the summer. While on his website I saw a banner for The National Parks Project that he was involved in. Curious as to why I’d never heard of it, I clicked. I was then greeted by a welcoming voice, breathtaking video, and a fancy user interface. Consider my attention grabbed.

National Parks Project

Between May and October 2010, The National Parks Project sent a filmmaker and a few musicians into the wild to try and capture the curiosity of Canadas National Parks. Thirteen parks were selected, and each came out with a soundtrack and a short film. The best musicians from across Canada were hand picked to explore and create music. The entire process, and finished videos and music can be found on the National Parks Project website.

I’ve litterally been back and forth on that website for the last week and then it hit me. I need to share this. People need to see this! I can bet my left one that you’ll leave that website with a “Man, I’ve got to go there” feeling.

Allow me to apologize ahead of time, as you’ll likely end up spending more time on there than you anticipated.

National Parks Project


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5 Responses to “Need Inspiration to Travel In Canada? Check out the National Parks Project!”

  1. Cat
    July 20, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    Beautiful site — I tried to watch the films, but received a message that you have to be in Canada to view them. :( Oh well, the background clips looked gorgeous anyway.

    • Corbin Fraser
      July 20, 2011 at 7:48 pm #

      Aw no way! Serious? I’ll tweet the folks at National Parks Project and give them a tisk for not opening these up to the world. Uncool. Thanks for the comments thoe :)

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