Music – The Respectables

The Respectables are a fine example of Canadian Musical Talent. They hail from Montreal, Quebec, and have been pumping rock & roll into the souls of listeners since 1991. They’re most recent album released, ‘Sweet Mama’, was produced & co-written by Gordie Johnson, Big Sugar’s former front man & current front man of Texas Rock Band, Grady. ‘Sweet Mama’ is their first English album in 10 Years. These guys are the perfect companion for any good Canadian Road Trip.

The Respectables are currently on tour in North America. Find they’re next tour dates here

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  • wildcard

    Corbin! Rockin’ site, I check it a couple times a week now.. really like your new music posts! How are you and Justin liking Nova Scotia so far? Thought this would be the best way to drop you a line as I deleted my Facebook.


    • Corbin

      @Nick – Haha, wildcard, classic. Loving Nova Scotia like crazy. Just saw Grady & The Respectables play the other weekend at the Coconut Grove, it was awesome. Glad to hear from ya, if you are visiting ur fam anytime soon be sure to look us up!