Mummering: A Newfoundland Christmas Tradition

MummeringThe holidays are notorious for bringing out some strange traditions. Whether it’s something as simple as leaving some cookies and milk out for the big guy, or something as painful as watching your uncles out-drink one another. Traditions come and go, the beauty of it is that they’re all in good fun. However I’m sure that one of the weirdest & funniest Christmas traditions has got to be “Mummering” or “Jannying”. I just recently learned of this insane tradition, so rather than explaining too much, you should head on over to Candice Does the World, and check out her post on the Newfoundlander’s Weirdest Christmas Tradition. As a Newfy she should be able to explain it a heckuva lot better than myself.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays Folks

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  • Candice

    Thanks for the shout-out, Corbin! Next year I’m tossing a mummers’ party, you’re totally invited.

    • Corbin

      @Candice – haha yes! Count me in!

  • sammi

    i think that mummering is great because it helps the younger people to keep the Newfoundland traditions alive. one bad thing about mummering is that it is now illegit!! :(

  • John H

    This picture was taken in my brother’s basement and posted on my flickr account. I am third from the right.

    We like to go visit the houses of older friends and relatives, as it reminds them of Christmases of years gone by.