Canada Ranks #1 with Expats Living Abroad

expats living abroad canada

Photo by Gary Scott

Catherine Faas at Holy Kaw summed it up well in her recent post. For those considering living and working abroad, you might want to have a second glance at Canada. The HSBC Expat Experience Survey recently named Canada as the best place in the world to be an expat.

The survey reported the highest overall increase in quality of life since landing in this frosty northern country. The HSBC Expat Experience polled over 3,000 expats around the world. The cherry on top? Canada was also voted number one country in quality of accommodation, with a whopping 68% of expats reporting their homes were better in Canada than in their own native country.

The survey also noted that Canada was amongst the easiest countries to make friends, pursue hobbies, and provide an overall better environment for their families. Which isn’t surprising as Canada has so much to offer.Plus Canadians are pretty cool. Maybe not like Eastern European Disco-Tech cool, but like, home grown, wheat fed, take care of your dog for the weekend cool. The hardest thing you’ll face is deciding which Canadian province or territory you’d like to live in.

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