Kayaking Near Revelstoke Mountain with The Hoodapus Gang

The Moose Bus pulled up at a small campground on the edge of Williamson Lake, travellers from all over the world climbed out and took in the fresh air. Mount Revelstoke  loomed over us like a protective parent. We approached the small lake and were greeted by an SUV and trailer full of wooden kayaks. The folks of Natural Escapes Kayaking smiled as we approached. We played the name game for a few minutes, and in no time the whole Hoodapus Tour group had their keesters parked in the premium water chariots.

Corbin And Candice Kayaking Near Revelstoke Mountain

Kayaking with Natural Escapes

The girls from Natural Escapes Kayaking took the group through a crash course of kayaking, which included proper paddling techniques and even some basic lifesaving assistance. Very thorough, I thought to myself. I can’t think of how many times I’ve gone kayaking with people who weren’t given a lick of instructions on what to do if somebody flips. It was reassuring to the whole group that we were in good hands.

Kayaking Mount Revelstoke

Photographic Echos

Sunshine clawed its way through the clouds and warmed the black paddle in my hands. I pushed forward through the water and felt the mountain breeze across my face. I let my hand drag through the glacier fed lake and thought how great this place was. I guiltily broke the peace and quiet of this tranquil location, “Hey Candice, picture!”. My travel amigo struck a pose and laughed. The beeping camera noise seemed to echo off the water.

Candice Kayaking in British Columbia

Lake Wildlife

Our Kayaking guides informed us that this tiny lake was home to the elusive painted turtle, a couple of beavers, and even a resident bald eagle. Everyone on tour with Moose Network paddled from corner to corner of the lake in hopes of finding some wildlife. The beavers remained in hiding, as did the bald eagle; however, turtles were spotted, as was a blue heron, and we even had a local deer stop by to say “What’s up!”

Williamsons Lake

Goodbye Kayaks, Hello Vistas

We parked our hand crafted water chariots after touring the entire lake. Smiles were exchanged as we bid our farewells to our guides. The BC sunshine lead the exhausted and partially wet travellers back aboard our Moose Network Bus. Rachel, our Moose Network guide, cranked the tunes and put the wheels in motion. Within no time we were back on the road to explore the Rockies!

Mountains British Columbia

Strike A Stupid Pose

Despite how exciting road trips are, driving for hours will drive people to exhaustion. Maybe its the scenery, the rocking back and forth, or the gentle vibrations of the highway. Whatever it is, a good stretch can change the mood of an entire bus. Our lovely Moose Network guide pulled over as often as possible to let us stretch our legs and get photo-snappy with her box of goofy hats. You can only take photos of scenic backdrops for so long until you realize having a little fun in front of the camera will likely be more memorable than the millions of photos you have of trees, mountains, and rocks.

Strike a stupid pose!

Our target had been locked in. Like a master dart player, the Moose Network Bus lined up its shot, and launched. It wasn’t long before we found out we had made it to the little mountain town known around the world. Banff! This is where the fun begins. The outdoors, the icefields, the white water rafting. To say we were looking forward to it would have been the 2nd most largest understatement in the century. (The first would be that Poutine is tasty. )

Tour all over Canada with Moose Network

Kayak British Columbia with Natural Escapes Kayaking


Thanks to the Moose Network for their awesome help with planning my recent visit  through B.C and Alberta, and for arranging for a comped pass to the hostel. All opinions, reviews, and photos are my own.

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