Into the Rockies We Go with Moose Network

I stretched my aching and tired body across the queen size bed that I’m calling my own. The folks at Hosteling International know how to make a traveller feel welcome. A bed to crash in on one of Vancouver’s most busiest & eclectic streets is all a guy can ask for. I breathed out, and let in the sounds of downtown Vancouver. The hustle and occasional bustle filled Granville Street, four stories below. This weekend has been great, but I have a long & exciting journey ahead of me.

Moose Travel Network Hoodapus

Morning Boarding

Come morning I found myself boarding a Moose Travel Network bus full of strangers from all over the world. They all share one goal, to see this strange and wondrous country of ours. To explore, to learn, and to see all you can see while you still can. To the everyday working man, one might wonder “will I get along with everyone”, “will we be able to communicate”, and most crucially “will I have fun”. Assure you I must (in my best Yoda voice) that these questions will seem borderline insane after your first drink of coffee, tea, or beer with your group. The people are awesome, and the guides exhale travel. Everyone is living the now.

Moose Travel Network Bus

Riding the Moose, Hard

I would have been the only Canuck rider representing the homeland, fortunately I had backup. Candice Walsh, famous for Matador Network, Aol Canada, and of coarse her brutally honest blog Candice Does The World was riding the Moose Networks Hoodapus tour with me. Together we were getting on Canadas best Budget travel tour for 7 days of mayhem. Grizzlys, Goats, Moose, Porcupines, Waterfalls, Mountains, Emerald Lakes, Pubs, Hockey, Glaciers, Beer, Food, White-water Rafting, Kayaking, and skydiving were just a few things to be found on our Moose Network itinerary.


Bridal Falls, British Columbia

First stop was the Bridal Falls outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Looking through centenarian trees I watched as Thousands of gallons of water poured from a cliff. The rain forced the visit to be rather quick, but worth every minute. The group boarded the white Moose Network bus and we made our way towards the Copper Island Inn. A small hostel slash pub in the Shuswap region of British Columbia. For those unaware Shuswap is a beautiful region filled with massive lakes, houseboats, scenic panoramas and friendly locals.

Copper Island In Hostel BC

Meet, Greet and Game 6

The group clicked in no time, and soon we were laughing and talking as if we’d been friends for weeks. After checking into our dorms, we ended up in the pub with locals and were there to witness the murder of the Canucks in Game 6 over several pitchers of Canadian. While the game could have gone better, the beers were cold, the burgers were great, and the company was good.This trip was looking to be as mind-blowingly awesome as they say it is!

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Thanks to the Moose Network for their awesome help with planning my recent visit  through B.C and Alberta, and for arranging for a comped pass to the hostel. All opinions, reviews, and photos are my own.

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