i Backpack Canada now on WordPress

After much consideration, and several alcoholic beverages, I decided to make the leap to WordPress. For those who don’t know, I was rocking the old “Blogger” system. Call me old fashioned. I can’t bash it that hard, it served its purpose, and the cost was by all means in my budget (free). However, I knew some day I would get around to migrating to WordPress. I figured the longer I waited, the harder it would be. Lord love-a-duck was I right. So after being inspired by Dave & Deb from TheplanetD.com after their new overhaul to their website, along with re-reading Nomadic Matt’s e-book on on Monetizing your Travel Blog, I decided to dive in.

There are still a few minor tweaks that need to be sorted out, but for the most part I Backpack Canada is officially on WordPress. Apologies for any downtime you may have experienced from the upgrade. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please feel free to comment.


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