i Backpack Canada Celebrates its First Birthday!

While working on some upcoming posts, I happened to remember it was April 1st. I knew perfectly well there was something important about today, however I just assumed it was my brain reminding me to tread lightly today, because some jerk will try to pull a fast one over me (April Fools Day and all…). Little did I know that it was 2009-Corbin who would be the jokester I should have been watching. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not back in 2009, but whatever the reason I chose to start iBackpackCanada.com on April 1st, it got me. It got me good!

I’m extremely psyched to see myself still working on this Canadian Backpacking Guide. I have a tendency to neglect things after a handful of months, however for reasons unknown to me, this is not one of them. So basically this post is a pat on my own back, an intrinsic look on how awesome I am,  and just a quick scream from the top of a digital mountain:

Stole that move from Will Smith, M.I.B Music Video

1 Year Suckas!!! Woop woop!

Also: An unintentional sign of good things to come – my i Backpack Canada business cards just showed up in the mail today. Who’s professional…this guy!

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