Hostel Hero iPhone Application

A new iPhone application has recently been released which will help any backpacker Hostel Herotraveling the world. With the flick of a thumb, you can browse and book hostels in 150 countries. If you remember my previous post on Air Canada’s iPhone App, you’ll know that many people, including companies, are seeing the major benefits a program on your phone can have when you’re traveling on a budget. Keep in mind this application will also work on an iPod Touch, so long as you have a WiFi connection you should have no trouble booking a hostel.

Each hostel comes with it’s own description (in 5 different languages) as well as photos of the hostel that is currently selected. You can also use the applications built in Google Maps feature which will help plot exactly where the hostel is. Once you’ve gone through the booking process, you also have the ability to save the booking in offline mode, which will allow you to view your bookings should you be somewhere with no cell phone reception or Wifi service.

The Hostel Hero iPhone application is very simple to use, and hostels are continuously being added into the application. Whether you’re backpacking through Asia, or traveling Canada on a budget, this program could very well save you some money as well as headaches.

View a Demo of the program below:

Download Hostel Hero here

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