HI South Algonquin – A Gateway to Algonquin Park

Located in the small town of Maynooth, Ontario (population 200), a once budding town with its own CN Railways Station on the outskirts of Algonquin Park, is one of the many children of HI Canada. HI Maynooth Hostel is a fantastic little gateway for exploring the area. People from all over the world spend a few days up to a few weeks headquartered in this unique hostel picking away at their Algonquin Park Bucket list. Whether its seeing a bear, doing some interior camping, or experiencing the nature and history of the area, HI Maynooth is a great spot to settle down to discover this unique part of Ontario.

The Historical Arlington Hotel

HI Maynooth is located in a century old frontier hotel that was once and technically still is “The Arlington”. The layout for the most part remains unchanged. Creeks in the floors and doors greet you all over the hotel while the warm smiles from fellow travellers make this place feel as if you truly belong. 

HI Maynooth South Algonquin BackpackersSouth Algonquin Hostel Features

The hostel has a shared kitchen and a few bathrooms & showers (some on the 2nd floor, more on the 3rd). A commons area with comfy couches and plenty of stretching room provides a great end to a long day on the road or in Algonquin Park. The hostel is old, but despite its years remains well kept and clean.

HI Maynooth can be reached easily by car or by Greyhound Bus. Once you’re settled in Tom, the hostel owner & manager will gladly help set you up for any type of adventure. Whether you’re after horseback riding in the Algonquin Highlands, or Canoeing & Kayaking in the hundreds of lakes in Algonquin Park, the folks at HI Maynooth will ensure you’re geared up with all the tools and knowledge you’ll need.

HI Maynooth South Algonquin Backpackers BackyardMy Advice

Algonquin Park is incredibly massive. People tend to assume its something you pop in and out and say you’ve “done that”. Let me assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong. Algonquin Park is not a day trip. You literally need an entire season to even put a dent in it. If your dent is going to be the southern part of Algonquin Park, setting up shop in HI Maynooth for a while might be your best bet.

Be sure check HI Maynooth out online and pop in for a visit.

HI South Algonquin

Box 233, Algonquin, ON, M5E 1B4

(613) 338-2080 ‎
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