Every once in a while I noodle through the tubes of You, and the countless epic videos on vimeo, looking for something worth sharing. Today I found something juicy. Filmed by Mark Wyatt for the Tofino Travel Company – this fast paced tourism video promotes some of the best parts of Tofino, including:

  • Pacific Surf School
  • Surf Sister
  • T’ashii Paddle School
  • Jamie’s Rain Forest Inn
  • Storm
  • Tofino Brewery
  • Aftanas Surfboards
  • Rhino Coffee

Where is Tofino?

Tofino is located on Vancouver Island. It’s known by most as a bit of a hippie town with good vibes. Music, art, surf, yoga is kind of a staple in these parts. I absolutely recommend a visit out to Tofino if you’re spending any time out on the West Coast. Vancouver Island has a lot to offer, but Tofino has always been a favourite of mine. Be sure to check out Tofino Travel Company’s website for details on their all inclusive surf schools and more! If you’re after more epic videos check out Mark Wyatts Vimeo Page.

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