Get Fast & Geeky with Segway Tours in Toronto

Rain causes a lot of sports & activities to cancel. Baseball, Football, Soccer, Barbeques, and outdoor music festivals are all prey when it comes down to the mighty talons of an extremely soggy day. I feared that my recent trip with Segway Of Ontario would surely be amongst those victims. Little did I know how rugged both the transportation and our guide “Chris” were. Rain or shine, we were going to Seg all over the Distillery District while learning about its unique and astounding history.

Segway Tour Toronto

I had never ridden a Segway before. But safety comes first with Segway Of Ontario, followed shortly thereafter by Teamwork. Our Segway Guide “Chris”, a charming, and dare I say “awesome” fellow took us through how to properly drive these units, even going so far as setting up an obstacle course to navigate. I must admit, I was worried my Toronto “street cred” would be harmed if I were caught riding this contraption. Thankfully he threw in a few Segway tips for looking extra cool while wearing a helmet.

  • Wave at as many ladies as you can
  • Make engine noises
  • Make brake noises when turning sharp or coming to a stop

Outfitted with Segways and wise words, my travel companion and I were off with our new favourite guide. We did one quick lap to get comfortable, then we went deep into history. Not the polished type of history where everyone lived in rich Victorian houses and sat around drinking tea all day. We went 100% into the history of the Distillery District.

Segway Distillery District

Now I spoke to my travel amigo about whether or not I should include much about this part of the tour. By all means, the history amped up the tour quality from a 10 to an 11, but I worry that I might give away too much. Basically I’m trying to prevent you from becoming that guy or girl at the comedy club who knows every ones routine.


Learning To Segway

So in sheer respect to the ruggedly awesome guide Chris and the fellows at Segway Ontario, all I will reveal is that the tour involves sampling Mill Street Beer (award winning stuff!), locally made Chocolate, and learning about the true old Toronto. Chalk full of alcoholism, immigration, labour rights, and the history behind what was once North America’s largest distillery.

No cliches with people in costumes pretending to be from some old era, no boring flashbacks to those old history classes you “sometimes” went to in high school. Just pure, unadulterated fun on a segway in one of Toronto’s most historic areas.
Segway Of Ontario also does off-road Segway Tours through Horseshoe Valley and even offers Winter Segway Tours for you warm blooded types.

Give them a call at (416) 642-0008 / 1-866-405-8687 or chat them up on Twitter @SegwayOntario


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2 Responses to “Get Fast & Geeky with Segway Tours in Toronto”

  1. Margaret Antkowski
    September 28, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    I had a chance to witness the Segway tour in progress at the Distillery District this summer – during the busiest first-ever Food Truck Festival where the seqways had to battle the crowds (people beware, these things can be bulky!)  While a cool way to get around, I’m wondering if some of the charm of walking around the Distillery is lost? Feeling the cobblestones under your feet, and perhaps tripping over one or two. 

    • Corbin Fraser
      September 28, 2011 at 12:17 pm #

      Haha, they definitely are bulky. Maybe we got lucky, the poor weather meant there wasn’t much for crowds to dodge. 

      I completely agree with you though, you can’t experience the Distillery District solely by Segway. An afternoon or early evening wandering around the cobblestone is definitely required. 

      The history lesson provided by these guys is fantastic though. A quick tour with them would give you the rest of the evening to explore the area at a slower pace and allow you to take in the “vibe” of the area a little better, stubbed toes & all. 

      Thanks for commenting :)

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