Free Spirit Tree Spheres – A Hotel in A Sphere

Nestled just outside of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island is one of the coolest hotels free spirit sphereyou could possibly stay in. I understand that being a backpacker, coughing up more than 25$ dollars for a bed makes you grind your teeth in betrayal and agony. But sometimes there are moments when spending a little more than your budget allows makes sense. (ie Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc) If you do decide on spending a little more for a night in a good bed, why not make it in one that is inside a sphere, suspended amongst the trees, several meters off the ground.

It may sound like a fairytale, or perhaps like a very cool hideout for Ewoks, but these spheres you can actually spend several nights in, suspended in the treeline, overlooking Vancouver Islands prestine forests. The Spheres, created by Tom Chudleigh, are an eco-friendly way of providing people with a place to live without damaging the forests. The owners provide all the information and materials to even build your own and start your own “Free Spirit Sphere Communities”. It might sound very “Tree-hugger-ish” but it’s actually a very cool idea. And one I would love to hang out in.

The spheres are equipped with all modern features a regular hotel has, including bathroom, kitchen, bed, power, etc. It’s like an architect took the idea of the best treehouse your Dad could have built, and injected it with pure uncut awesomeness. These spheres have gained a lot of momentum in the media lately. Tom has recently been in discussion regarding manufacturing the sphere’s under licence with several countries, including Sweden, UK, France, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

Costs start at $125.00 per night.
For more information on spending a night in the Free Spirit Tree Spheres click here

A big “Thank You” goes out to Carrie from My Several Worlds – She did a fantastic post on the Tree Spheres which inspired me to include this unusual hotel on i Backpack Canada.

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