It’s rare that I submit photos in these blog-style photo submission contests, but I like the concept of this one. On top of that, Dave from the Planet D is judging, and I think he’s the bee’s knees, so I figured what the heck. These photos were taken over the last few years during several of my journeys across Canada. I wanted to capture a few of my favourite places and keep it on theme with my blog as best I can.

castle butte sk moon saskatchewan


While very much tricky to find, in south east Saskatchewan, I visited Castle Butte. Castle butte was formed from glaciers thousands upon thousands of years ago during one of the ice ages. You have to use your imagine to picture a massive glacier carving out the landscape and leaving this megalithic tribute to Earth. I shot this photo a couple of summers ago. The moon overlooking this landscape just adds to the intrigue of this photo. Some say this is the Uluru of Canada, and while it may not be as large as it’s Australian counterpart, it truly is the beauty of the badlands.

Johnson Lake alberta


For the last few years, canoeing has been one of my favourite activities in the summer. It can be hard when you want it to be, or super chill and scenic when you’re feeling like smelling the roses. I shot this photo a couple of years back when I was doing some hiking in Banff. This photo was taken at Johnson Lake, a popular destination for swimmers, and hikers as it’s super close to Banff, but far enough away that you feel like these mountains were built for you. I was fortunate enough for some canoeists to paddle into my shot, which I feel really sells this very Canadian photo.



Nothing beats warming up by a fire with a hot cup of coffee after a handful of runs down the mountain. I captured this shot of a mountain-side warm-up session during one of my rests after several hours of snowboarding. This image was shot at Panorama Mountain Resort, BC last winter.



I shot this photo of my (now) wife back when we were casually seeing each other. This was shot on a walk to the Quidi Vidi Brewery in St Johns, Newfoundland. The walk from the hostel to the brewery is surprisingly scenic, passing Jelly Bean Row, several parks and a small lake. We stopped for photos and the wind was blowing just enough to keep the summer sun from feeling too warm. While she was focusing her camera I snapped this shot which I’ve always loved. Kind of has that airy, beautiful, simplicity to it. Plus who doesn’t love bokeh. (Hey sug, you is easy on my eyes!)

Special thanks to Thomas Cook for putting this photo contest on. As per the rules, I’m going to nominate a few other bloggers. If you’ve been nominated already – soooorry.

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