I was away in British Columbia for the last 5 days enjoying some snowboarding, which unfortunately pushed my Sunday Canadian Travel Video back by a day. This week’s video features Daybi, one of Canada’s well known rap artists.

Montreal film director Mathieu Favreau’s most recent video on Canadian rapper and media artist Daybi is a tribute to the artist and his community. Currently residing with his son on the Kahnawake Mohawk reserve on the outskirts of Montreal, Daybi grew up in Vancouver and Winnipeg, where he began rapping at an early age before living in New York and Los Angeles. His music has brought him to connect with a number of American and Canadian artists such as Moka Only, Aceyalone, and the Freestyle Fellowship.

I love using these weekly video shares to cover unique communities, cultures, and people, and I think this short kind of nails them all. The cinematography that Mathie Favreau captures is unreal, and you really get a sense of Daybi’s passion for music, his family, and the thriving rap scene in Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve and Montreal. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This video was brought to you by the Rap loving Canadian Sandwich Artists at Subway Sandwiches.

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