Contest for Canadians – Score one FREE night stay at any Delta hotel or Resort!

Hey-oh! I’m extremely excited to be hosting my first contest on I Backpack Canada. Depending on how this one turns out, you may see more of these in the near future! Today, I’m giving away One Free Night’s stay at ANY Delta Hotel or Resort! You’ll have the opportunity to hang out like a rockstar (no Keith Moon shenanigans though please!), and sleep in some of the worlds most awesome beds!


Delta Hotels can be found all across Canada, so whether you’re hanging out on the West Coast beaches, touring through the Rockies, partying in the prairies, or pretending to be Drake in downtown Toronto, you shouldn’t have a problem tracking one down.

When it comes to entering contests, I can’t be bothered with long cumbersome surveys and such. So in an effort to keep it quick and simple, here’s how to win:

Guess my favourite Canadian animal!

Step 1: Take a guess & Leave your entry in the comments below
Step 2: Tweet Out: ”Guess @ibackpackcanada’s favourite Canadian animal & win one night at any @DeltaHotelsLTD or Resort! #Contest!”

  • If you’re not on twitter, head over to my Facebook Page and leave a comment on my wall


  • Must be a legal Canadian citizen (sorry internationals, next time!)
  • Must be age of legal majority in your Canadian province
  • Contest closes November 11, 2011 at 11:59am ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time).
  • Entries that have guessed correctly will be in the finals. A winner will then be chosen at random.

Are you a contest junkie?

Want a chance at something even bigger?! Of coarse you do. Head over to the Delta Hotels Facebook page to enter in their “Delta Difference” contest. Winner of that particular contest scores a weekend getaway for two, valued at $1,295!

Let the guessing begin! 

Update: Congrats goes out to Seattle Dredge, she is the lucky winner of one night at any Delta Hotel or Resort. For those of you who are dying to know, my favourite Canadian animal is the Polar Bear. Several people guessed correctly, those that guessed right were chosen at random using Big thanks goes out to everyone who entered, and to the kind folks at Delta Hotels for sponsoring this contest.

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  • Anonymous

    My guess is the trustworthy, and eager beaver… A super beaver maybe, no?

  • Shayla

    i say lion. rawr

  • Adambudgell

    gotta go with a big MOOSE

  • Adam Budgell


  • Denimc

    My guess is an orangutan

  • cody

    canada goose??

  • Denimc

    here’s my tweet:!/thesehappydays/status/130369055885508608

  • Natalie T.

    I’m voting for Beaver. #beaverlove. Second favourite: a muscrat! :P 

  • Seattle Dredge ✈

    MOOSE! haha :]

  • Gunner116

    How about the spirit bear from the west coast?

  • hogga


  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Polar Bear

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard
  • Ayngelina

    I am going with beaver loser as well

  • Raymond @ Man On The Lam

    Everyone loves beaver. :)

  • Rvw91

    I’m going to guess the Canadian Goose!

  • Janine McCaw

    Hey, we asked the Delta what matresses they have (cuz they really are awesome), but no reply. The Hilton told us about their pillows. What’s up with that?

    • Corbin Fraser

      I’ll investigate for you and let you know what I find out! Perhaps their PR folks may be privy to that information. Mmmm, delta hotel beds. haha thanks for poppin by!

  • Alouise

    I’ll take a shot in the dark and say whale. 

  • Peter Heck

    GRIZZLY bear!

  • Cecile


  • bdekoker

    polar bear

  • Corbin Fraser

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for submitting your guess! Remember, this contest closes on November 11th. Keep on guessing! 

  • Ellyn Schaffner

    Being that you were raised on the prairies, I’m going to venture with The Swift Fox.

  • Rob Tullis


  • Anonymous

    I’m going with the all mighty beaver. How can you not love our national emblem even if they want to replace it with the polar bear:)

  • Mariellen Ward

    I gotta go with the beaver …

  • Dustin Main

    Grizzly Bear.  Rawr.

  • Rebecca

    Prairie Dog! So adorable.

  • Seattle Dredge ✈

    Polar Bear! :D

  • vicky


  • Lesli

    great horned owl, am I right?

  • Sarah Deveau

    I’m guessing Moose!

  • LC

    Arctic puffin! So cute.

  • Tracypound

    Guessing the Canadian goose because they get to travel south for the winter

  • Marlo

    I guess Kermode Bear
    here’s my tweet!/snagglepink/status/132140526710435840

  • Free Shopper


  • Monica

    My guess is…deer :)

  • Taryn Alicia

    Living on a farm I wanna say that your fave animal is a horse :)

    My twitter is @TarynAlicia if you wanna check out the RT 

  • SamiJoe

    I’m going to go with Moose as your favourite.

  • Rosemary Nickerson

    Polar Bear, or Snowshoe Rabbit, or Timber Wolf, or Snow Goose
    What a cool blog site.

  • Amber

    I’m going with a Canadian Lynx.


  • Amber

    I’ve tweeted!!/missbobloblaw/status/132997263852183553


  • Xing


  • Xing


  • Kerrclan


  • Claire

    Polar Bear!

  • Ian Ord

    I’m going to go with the Elk – they’re big, they have antlers and they’re on our quarters… what’s not to like?

  • fokxxy


  • Steven Rolls

    I will go with Moose. I am a maritimer after all.

  • josephi

    i think it would be wild bear