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There are many different types of travellers. From long term travellers, to weekend warriors, finding something that will suit you is crucial to getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re short on time, but want to pack in as much adventure, sights, and memories into a week or two, then these three Canadian backpacker tour companies are definitely worth checking out.

Moose Travel Network Backpacker Tours

moose-travel-network backpacker toursI’m going to start with Moose Travel Network, because they’re the only one I’ve had a chance to experience. Their staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgable. When you book a tour with them, you can pick from several routes, allowing you to see a variety of regions throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. You’ve got a ton of flexibility as well, as they allow you to setup hop on and hop off style itineraries. If you decide mid way through your trip that you want to explore Banff a little while longer, it’s just a matter of letting your driver know, and then you take care of your hostels and you’re set. When you’re ready to pick up where you left off, just inform Moose Travel Network and you can hop back on the tour.

Their drivers ensure that they break up the drives between destinations with fascinating stops at stunning panoramic views, random trips and excursions, and some of the best food and drink joints along the way. Good music, laughs, and company are easily found on their trips.

Check out my interview with a Moose Travel Network Guide.

Read my experiences in the Rocky Mountains with Moose Travel Network.

Salty Bear Adventure Travel Tours

Salty-Bear-tours canadaSalty Bear Adventure Travel was started by a local Nova Scotian backpacker who was keen on showing off the maritimes to people from across the world. Salty Bear hires local Canadian drivers with a passion for their locale, ensuring you’ll know that what you’re seeing and experiencing authentically Canadian. Salty Bear is similar to Moose Travel, as they do drop offs at hostels, but will accomodate anyone if you’re staying elsewhere. They also supply tours along the way, ensuring that you get to experience the best tours along the way.

West Trek Tours

West trek tours backpackerWest Trek provides high quality adventure tours to backpackers both young and old, interested in seeing and experiencing the best of Canada. Explore the Rocky Mountains, mountain bike in Whistler, Surf in Tofino, Explore Victoria, Vancouver, and even parts of USA. Their award winning tour company is rated highly by visitors across the world.

Am I missing any other awesome Canadian Backpacker Tour companies? Don’t hesitate to share below in the comments.

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Interview with a Moose Network Travel Guidehttp://ibackpackcanada.com/interview-with-a-moose-network-travel-guide/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/interview-with-a-moose-network-travel-guide/#comments Mon, 04 Jul 2011 12:32:08 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=2836 Interview with a Moose Network Travel Guide is a post from: I Backpack Canada

Moose Network BusI recently had the opportunity to sit down for a couple Red Beers (Clamato + Beer, wuddup!) with Rachel Huber, one of Moose Networks Canadian Travel Guides. She agreed to answer a few questions about what she does and offer up some tips for backpackers interested in traveling Canada. I should also mention that I’ve had her as a guide, and she absolutely rocks, so keep an eye out for her when you’re out west. Alright! Q & A time! Boom!

Q. How long have you been guiding?

A. I’ve been in the tourism industry for ten years and guiding for 5 of those. I used to be a diving guide in the Caribbean, but missed the mountains so I came home this Christmas. I’ve been with Moose ever since and have been loving every day of of it!

Peyto Lake CanadaQ. What is your favourite thing about working with Moose Network?

A. Without a second guess it has to be the people I meet everyday. Observing peoples reaction when they discover something for the first time, and being able to witness their passion for travel is amazing. Everyone is in this permanent holiday happiness mode. It ends up feeling like I’m just travelling with friends.

Q. What are some highlights that stand out during your time with Moose Network?

A. So far, taking an Australian girl to Peyto Lake to let her see and touch snow for the first time was one that stood out. Witnessing peoples reactions when they see the mountains, only to find out they’re in the foothills, then seeing their minds explode when we actually get into the Rockies. That’s always a big favourite. Lastly, seeing how happy and energized people are after white water rafting the Kicking Horse River makes me smile!

Grizzly Bear CanadaQ. What are some things you think everyone should try when they travel in Canada?

A. Where do I start? You’ve got to see the Old Growth Forests on Vancouver Island. Trees here can get to be up to 9m round and 60m tall! Everyone should also experience a night on Granville Street in Vancouver, it will be memorable to say the least. When you get hungry, try some fresh BC smoked salmon. Hop on a tour and try and see a wild Grizzly Bear. If you’re looking to chill go enjoy the west coast beaches, salt air and try surfing or head to the Okanagan Valley for some fine wine and more amazing Beaches. Just being in Canada is something everyone should try.

Q. Do you think more Canadians should start riding the Moose, and if so, why?

A. Absolutely! Each province is like a country of its own, with its own culture, food, and personalities. They’re all so geographically different, limiting yourself to your home province is sort of like sitting in the same lawn chair around a campfire the whole night. Move around, be social, talk to people, see things from a different light. As a Canadian myself, I still love watching as the landscapes change during the long drives across provinces and through the seasons. Shameless plug here, but Moose Network goes across Canada and lets you hop on and off as you see fit. Great for seeing Canada!

Moose Network Bus Tours CanadaQ. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed while guiding with Moose Network?

A. Well its only my first season, but Watching a Grizzly Bear swim across a glacier river with the rocky mountains looming over the entire scene. The bear climbed out of the water and scratched himself against a tree for like ten minutes, as bears do! It was unreal. Of course, I should mention that its always a laugh watching people try to swim in the freezing glacial water and realizing how splintering cold it is. People do crazy stuff for photos.

Q. If there is one thing you could tell someone whos planning on backpacking across Canada, what would it be?

A. Plan more time because you won’t want to leave. Lots of people end up hopping off the Moose for a day and never leave the country.

Gros Merci goes out to the always lovely Rachel Huber. If you have any other questions regarding what Moose Network can offer you, send them a tweet @moosenetwork or check out the Moose Network website. Of course, you can always comment here and I’ll do my best to answer any questions I can.

Moose Karate Photo by Candice Walsh

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Saving Money with Toronto’s Airport Expresshttp://ibackpackcanada.com/saving-money-with-torontos-airport-express/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/saving-money-with-torontos-airport-express/#comments Tue, 24 Aug 2010 19:58:06 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=2237 Saving Money with Toronto’s Airport Express is a post from: I Backpack Canada

Minutes after finding my baggage, I was already deep in convorsation with two Taxi drivers. My question, “Roughly how much is it going to cost me to get downtown from the airport”. They argued between eachother for a minute, eventually settling on “around $45.00″. I thanked them for the information and wished them a good day (how very Canadian of me). I prompty B lined it to the Airporter Express, located just a minutes walk from the exit.
toronto airporter

This big magnificant yellow bus was waiting for me, hailing me. “Come Corbin, it’s cozy in here. And it’s under half of what you would pay taking a cab. Did I mention there’s leather inside me. And power outlets, along with free wifi.” SOLD! I courtly told the lady in the booth as I handed her a crisp Twenty and a ragged Toonie that looked like it’d been through hell and back. Not a bad deal.

The bus driver graciously took my bag and was happy enough to ask how my mornings been thus far. I informed him swell, despite hating the fact that I’d been up since 3:00am, caught a shuttle in Halifax at 3:50, and waited until 6:15 to board my flight to Toronto. He didn’t need to hear that. Heck, I didn’t want to hear that.

So as I’m writing this, I’m currently chilling out in these wicked spacious seats, jacked in to the internets (yea, it’s plural now), and listening to some sweet 80’s slash 90’s radio station. “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes”. It did indeed Ace of Base.

Toronto, your Airport express rocks. Good choice on sticking Free Wifi up in this sweet-sweet ride.

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Two discount cards you should carry when traveling in Canadahttp://ibackpackcanada.com/two-discount-cards-you-should-carry-when-traveling-in-canada/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/two-discount-cards-you-should-carry-when-traveling-in-canada/#comments Wed, 09 Jun 2010 22:27:11 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=2001 Two discount cards you should carry when traveling in Canada is a post from: I Backpack Canada

Backpacking in Canada can be crazy expensive, but if you play it smart, and take advantage of the discounts available to you, you can make the journey quite a bit cheaper. There are countless discounts out there, many places don’t charge children, or offer a decent percentage off for being over 60 years old. But if you’re in your 20’s and you’ve got no kids and have yet to trade your backpack in for a fanny-pack, you might be wondering, what about me? Thankfully there are a couple discount cards out there to make life a bit easier while you’re on the road.


The international student identity card is out there for anyone 12 years old and up, in elementary, high school, college, university, or any type of post secondary. If you’re a student somewhere, you’re eligible. This card can be used in over 120 different countries around the world, including Canada. Discounts include anything from restaurants, accommodations, flights, tours, and shopping. The cost of ISIC card varies depending on which country you purchase it in, some schools give them away for free, others charge upwards of $20. Regardless of the cost of the card, the savings can be immense. One of the most popular places to save money with the ISIC Card is Via Rail, they offer some great student discounts for anyone considering traveling Canada by train. Visit ISIC for more information. Not a student? No problem, if you’re 26 years old or under, you’re eligible for the IYTC (International Youth Travel Card), which gives you the same great savings.

HI / YHA Card

The HI / YHA Card can come in handy anywhere there’s a hostel that is part of the HI or YHA Network, which as luck has it, is just about anywhere in the world. In Canada there is over 400 different places that accept the card, including every HI Hostel in Canada. On average you save $4 everytime you book a night in an HI Hostel. You might be thinking, couple toonies saved per night, not bad. But here’s when the big savings come in. When you travel by Greyhound with your HI/YHA card you can save 25% off one way and round trip tickets anywhere in Canada. You can also get 5% off any bookings made with Moose Travel Network. Big savings abound, and with a yearly cost of only $35, the card pays for itself after the first couple weeks. Visit HI-Canada Card for more information.

I’m sure there are a few other cards out there worth trying as well, but these are the only two I’ve ever personally had experience with. They’ve treated me well thus far and saved me a bit of coin on travel and accommodation and such, hopefully they can help you out too.

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Bus Travel in Canadahttp://ibackpackcanada.com/bus-travel-canada/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/bus-travel-canada/#comments Mon, 06 Jul 2009 22:57:16 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=244 Bus Travel in Canada is a post from: I Backpack Canada

bus travel canadaCanada is a massive country, 2nd largest to be exact. Travel between major cities can be a long and daunting task. If you have the money, flying can save you a lot of wasted time between cities. However, before you go and book your flight from Vancouver to Toronto, (and miss all the meat & potatoes) remember, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber. Long hours of travel await you, just keep in mind that your own secret destination could be waiting for your at the next stop.

Despite the massive size of Canada, this beautiful country doesn’t leave you with a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which bus company to take. The most popular, and most affordable would be Greyhound. They offer point to point tickets or Discovery Passes, which provide you with unlimited travel over a select number of days. (7, 14, 30, 60)

Discounts up to 25% off are available for students as well as Youth 18-25. Also, if you have a HI card, it entitles you to a free upgrade from 7 day Discovery Pass to 15 day Discovery Pass.

Discovery Pass Prices

  • 7-Day – $199Cn
  • 5-Day – $299Cn
  • 30-Day – $399Cn
  • 60-Day – $499CnBus Travel in Canada

The Discovery Passes are also valid with several smaller bus line companies as well. For a list of Interline Partners click here.

Traveling by bus in Canada isn’t the fastest way to travel, but it really does show a lot more of the country than you’d expect. Just be sure to take as many stops as possible, get off the Trans Canada Highway. Don’t let your memories become stops at Gas Stations, Tim Hortons, and the occasional Wendys or Burger King. Get out and explore. There is plenty to see and do.

Click here for more info on Discovery Passes.

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