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Looking for some trustworthy form of Transportation to get from A to B. Canada has a wide variety of ways for travellers to arrive at their destination, including Flights, bus, car, truck, RV / motorhome, campervan, and train.


Hire Professional Drivers in Canada with Blacklane

Have you ever landed at the airport and had to wait forever for it to be your turn for a taxi? Have you ever stood at the curb on a street trying to flag down a cab? Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a lift, doubly so when you just finished […]

Canadian airline delay comparison

Which Canadian airlines will get you there on time?

I recently came across a nifty little tool for helping compare flight tardiness amongst the airlines in Canada. This web app allows you to view the percentage of times that certain airlines are late between two destinations. While their interactive map lacks some cities in Canada, it provides a good overview, which is great for anyone concerned with arriving […]

Helpful Travel Gear

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