I Backpack Canada » Video http://ibackpackcanada.com A backpackers travel guide to Canada Fri, 19 Dec 2014 21:28:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.1 Visit the Polar Bear Capital of the World With Google Mapshttp://ibackpackcanada.com/visit-the-polar-bear-capital-of-the-world-with-google-maps/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/visit-the-polar-bear-capital-of-the-world-with-google-maps/#comments Mon, 15 Dec 2014 04:26:29 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=6240 So the other day I found myself perusing some Canadian travel videos, and came across this little number. The folks at Google Maps visited Churchill, Manitoba, a favourite location of mine, and strapped their fancy camera’s to some of the rugged tundra explorer vehicles.  They captured some superb shots of the town, as well as some […]

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Curious Mysteries at The Winnipeg Legislative Buildinghttp://ibackpackcanada.com/curious-mysteries-winnipeg-legislative-building/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/curious-mysteries-winnipeg-legislative-building/#comments Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:06:03 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=5628 Dan Browns famous novel “The Da Vinci Code” mixes history, mystery, and a curious plot that keeps pages turning. Whether you love it or hate it, I personally remember putting that book down several times while reading it and thinking “Woah, it all makes sense!“. That feeling of “what the…” is hard to come by. […]

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Cross-Canada Blogger Tour: Counting down to TIFF & POP Montreal!http://ibackpackcanada.com/cross-canada-blogger-tour-counting-down-to-tiff-pop-montreal/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/cross-canada-blogger-tour-counting-down-to-tiff-pop-montreal/#comments Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:15:11 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=5253 If you’ve been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you may be aware of the fact that I’ve been invited by the Canadian Tourism Commission to check out the Toronto International Film Festival & POP Montreal, between September 15th & 20th! This is part of a huge campaign to bring travel bloggers from around the […]

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Capture Your Canada & Win Big with 35 Million Directorshttp://ibackpackcanada.com/capture-your-canada-win-big-with-35-million-directors/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/capture-your-canada-win-big-with-35-million-directors/#comments Thu, 30 Aug 2012 00:55:44 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=5216 Every day Canadians are doing ridiculously fun things and capturing it on video, be it their iPhone, their Blackberries, their GoPro’s, or their DSLR’s. But what becomes of that footage? For most, it sits on their computer, gathering pixel-dust, waiting to be used for something. Most forget about it and move on. The folks at […]

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Sunday Canadian Travel Video: Muskoka Ontario Timelapsehttp://ibackpackcanada.com/sunday-canadian-travel-video-muskoka-ontario-timelapse/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/sunday-canadian-travel-video-muskoka-ontario-timelapse/#comments Sun, 24 Jun 2012 13:39:43 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=4642 Queue an epic track by Sigor Ros, throw in some dramatic sunsets, moving time-lapses and one of Canada’s most serene regions, and you have one of my favourite Sunday Canadian Travel Video’s yet. Created by the incredibly talented MILapse, this video will blow the socks off you. Muskoka, Ontario boasts over 1,600 lakes, and some of […]

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Cross Canada Video Tour: Halifaxhttp://ibackpackcanada.com/cross-canada-video-tour-halifax/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/cross-canada-video-tour-halifax/#comments Fri, 25 May 2012 14:06:11 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=4646 Filming has always intrigued me. There’s some superb travel bloggers and travel vloggers out there shooting their travels, and coming back with some incredible footage. Kinda makes me wonder, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the going rate for video? Unfortunately, video has never really been something I’ve put a lot of […]

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The Sunday Canadian Travel Video: Across Canada in 2 Minuteshttp://ibackpackcanada.com/canadian-travel-video-across-canada-in-2-minutes/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/canadian-travel-video-across-canada-in-2-minutes/#comments Sun, 20 May 2012 14:52:36 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=4603 We’ve all had that weird feeling before, you know the one I’m talking about. You arrive at this new destination that you’ve been talking about for months, maybe even years. It could be a museum, a landmark, or a scenic drive. Then you see it. Chain stores, chain restaurantes, chain hotels, it’s like you can’t […]

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12 Inspiring Tourism Videos on Canadahttp://ibackpackcanada.com/12-inspiring-tourism-videos-on-canada/ http://ibackpackcanada.com/12-inspiring-tourism-videos-on-canada/#comments Wed, 25 Apr 2012 14:02:15 +0000 http://ibackpackcanada.com/?p=4500 The other day I came across Travel Alberta’s incredible award-winning (Remember to Breathe) tourism video, which somehow or another brought me to browsing the videos of every provincial & territorial tourism board. It’s great to see how much thought and passion goes into each of these videos, and what better way to explore a location […]

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