2011 Canada Games Rocked Celebration Square

While this post may be a bit late (Blame my brothers wedding in Mexico and my consistency for procrastination), I was fortunate enough to catch almost all of the free concerts held at Celebration Square for the 2011 Canada Games. If you’re from Halifax, you may be wondering “Where’s Celebration Square”, well for reasons unbeknownst to me, the bigwigs decided to change the name of the Grand Parade Square to Celebration Square for the 2 weeks of Canada Games. Strange, but the turnout was great! So if that was their goal, it had to have worked.

I loved the fact that Halifax & the Canada Games went out of their way to showcase their local Atlantic music talent, including the likes of Joel Plaskett, Sloan, Hey Rosetta!, Matt Mays, Great Big Sea, and CBC Radio 2’s own Buck 65. Some more artists that joined the party included Hawksley Workman, Rawlins Cross, Old Man Luedecke, Radio Radio, and City & Colour.

Despite the freezing cold, and the fact that these shows were held mostly during the week, the support from local Haligonians and the Canada Games participants was quite astounding. I’ve never been to a show that big at the Grand Parade, but it seems to have gone on without a hitch. Keep it up Canada Games! I look forward to seeing you wherever you’re held next year!

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