Camping in Canada: Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Straddling the border of Saskatchewan and Alberta sits Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.  If you’re looking for the best view of the Great Plains of Saskatchewan and the lush hills of Alberta, this is the place to see it. Cypress Hills rises 600 meters above the plains and offers some of the most breath taking pieces of scenery you’ll see in this part of Canada.

There’s so much room for activities!

Cypress hills is a great place for outdoor activities. During the summer months (June to September) you’ve got your pick at dozens of hiking trails in Alberta and Saskatchewan. If hiking  gives you a case of the yawns, pick up a bike and hit some of the dozens of biking trails, from beginner to intermediate, to even a few expert trails. If you find working up a serious sweat isn’t your thing, you could always slow things down with some of the many Interpretive Hiking Trails, which will point out important landmarks and teach you about the local flora and fauna.  During winter, dust off those cross-country ski’s, proceed with your worst impression of “wax on, wax off” and strap in for a work out and a good time!

The wild? Are you nuts?

If you’re amped up on crazy, and obsessed with getting pictures of animals in the wild, you’ll be happy to hear that Cypress Hills is home to Elk, White Tail, Mule Deer, Moose, Rainbow and Brook trout (bring your fishing rod) and even cougars, North America’s largest and most badass wild cat found on this continent. Keep in mind, 3 of those listed animals have the ability to kill you, and coincidentally each are on my list of 10 Ways to Die in Canada. So just be smart out there.

Pitch a tent!

There are plenty of campgrounds to go around, both on the Saskatchewan side and on the Alberta side of Cypress Hills. Prices typically range from $21 for non electrical campsites and up to $32 for full service campsites. (More Camping Costs) You’ve got a huge variety of choices here, so if you’ve got time, and want to familiarize yourself with the campgrounds, take a drive and see what each has to offer.

  • For Cypress Hills, Alberta campgrounds call (403) 893-3782 or reserve a site online
  • For Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan campgrounds call (306) 662-5484

Camping in the upper-class

If tenting brings about thoughts of uncomfortable sleeping, creepy crawlies, and a sore back in the morning, there are a few other options. Cypress Hills has a couple different resorts you can stay with. In Alberta, there is the Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort, and in Saskatchewan there is Cypress Park Resort Inn. There is also several Bed & Breakfasts and Guest Ranches where you can kick up your pampered feet after a long day.

Cypress Hills has got the wildlife, it’s got all the camping you could ask for, it’s got some of the most amazing sights and sounds in the area, the only thing missing from this picture is you. This magnificent park is located in the perfect spot to give your wheels a rest during the 8 hour drive between Calgary and Regina. It’s the perfect spot for a long weekend camping trip or a quick day trip on your way through. Whatever your reason for visiting, it gives you some great views of the rolling hills of Alberta, and the flatlands of Saskatchewan, and makes you appreciate this part of Canada so much more.

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