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Travel is the name of the game here, and however you play the game, whether that be solo backpacking, all-inclusive hotels, or group tours, there’s one thing that unites all types of travel together. Finding it at the lowest cost, with the greatest benefits to you, and the destination you’re visiting.

Gap Adventures is a multi-national adventure travel company that’s been around since 1991. Since Day One they have been promoting social and eco-friendly travel to each of their many locations, which believe it or not, now includes all seven continents on Earth. Gap continues, to this day, to be the leader in eco-tourism and bringing travellers out of their shell and into the world.

As of recently not only can you experience the the thrill that Gap offers, you can do so with the benefit of Flight Centres travel consultants. They’ll be there for you, helping you make the crucial decisions needed to make your trip a successful one.

Flight Centre and Gap Adventures take care of just about everything, so the hardest part of it all is deciding where you want to go next. Gap Travel currently offers more than 1000 adventure tours, so the best thing you can do is research and ask questions. Thankfully Flight Centre makes that simple as well. You can easily browse through every tour that is offered and find out the specifics. From price, to length of time, to what you’ll see and what you’ll be doing when you’re there.

One thing I love about this partnership they have setup, is the information they have available for you. Upon finding a tour you’re interested in, clicking ‘More information’ will bring you to a page with a tour summary, details on the itinerary, the difficulty of the tour, the dates and rates, as well as a contact number which you can call if you have any other questions. For those not in a hurry, you can also inquire online, something that’s crucial in this day and age, however something that is often overlooked by booking companies.

So what am I getting at? Well, if you’re new to travel, and want to experience something a little outside the realm of normality, booking a Gap Adventure through Flight Centre can be an amazing wall to lean on while you’re adjusting to your newfound surroundings. You can never have too much help when making a big decision like travel!

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