Back in Saskatchewan: Roadtrip to Joe Cocker & Tom Petty

A jaunt, skip, and a couple flights through, and I found myself back in Saskatchewan, in the city that rhymes with fun (Regina). However greetings with my hometown were cut short. Within 24 hours of landing I found myself on a drunken roadtrip to Saskatoon with some old friends to see Joe Cocker & Tom Petty sing their hearts out on stage at the Credit Union Centre.

The roadtrip

With a bottle of rum and a couple road-pops in hand I stepped into the backseat of an old friends car with hopes that this night would explode my mind with awesomeness. My friend Scott surprised me upon entry of the car with a bottle of Baby Duck Champagne. For those who don’t know, Baby Duck is a cheap, sparkling wine that costs next to nothing, tastes like angels, but is the cheapest most hangover causing alcohol that can be found in the LB’s (LB=Liquor Board Stores). I fist pumped in delight and said “Eff the rum, I’m on the duck!” I tapped bottles with Scott and took a swig that gracefully fizzed directly up my nasal cavity, causing a girlish, albeit sexy scream. I love roadtrips!

Regina to Saskatoon

30 minutes out of the city

…and our bottles of Baby Duck were nearing the bottom. We were enjoying the sunny day, a nice reprieve from the insane amount of rain Southern Saskatchewan has been getting in the last few weeks. The windows were down, and cutting through the sound of the music was a siren. We knew immediately it wasn’t in the song. We were being pulled over. I laughed. “This sucks” I said to some of the guys in the car. We proceeded to hide our open booze so as not to get dinged with extra tickets. As I was hiding what was left of my bottle of Baby Duck, I was informed that there was some “Sticky Icky” in the car. Which didn’t come as a surprise, as this was a Joe Cocker & Tom Petty show. I nervously laughed. “We’re screwed” said one of the guys.

License and registration, please

The RCMP asked for our drivers licence and registration, asked what the hurry was, we informed him that we were going to a concert in Saskatoon. He left with our friends ID. We were all waiting to be told to exit the vehicle, or at the very least have the officer poke his head in and smell for booze, drugs, or dead bodies. Instead, we were given a warning. “Slow it down for the rest of the trip there boys.” We replied with a “Yes sir” and proceeded to drive off quoting every line from Super Troopers. Close call!

High fives

While at a piss-stop outside of Davidson we met several other Reginans heading to Saskatoon for the same concert and proceeded to tell them about our good fortune. High-fives were shared, and we proceeded to get back on the highway for the greatest show in the world. We arrived in Saskatoon, grabbed some food and beers at Avocados, a great little restaurant with a sweet patio. After a few Cracked Canoes we met up at one of our friends apartments for some more pre-drinking, the show was still a couple hours away after all.

You don’t have to live like a refugee

After consuming a large amount of rum & cokes, we were all sufficiantly lubricated for the show. We arrived at the Credit Union Centre with 12 friends, some new, some old, and a few I’ve already forgotten the names to. We grabbed our seats, a pointless object at a show this intense, and experienced the raw powerful vocals of Joe Cocker, and catchy riffs of Tom Petty. To say it was a good show would be the biggest understatement of the century. Ever.

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