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Hiking the Great Sand Hills of Saskatchewan

The area of Saskatchewan is considered very flat and there are multiple farmlands for as far as the eyes can see, however there is a really special place that is nestled into the space. The beautiful Great Sand Hills cover 1,900 square kilometers of space in southwestern Saskatchewan and it is a place where everyone […]


Hire Professional Drivers in Canada with Blacklane

Have you ever landed at the airport and had to wait forever for it to be your turn for a taxi? Have you ever stood at the curb on a street trying to flag down a cab? Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get a lift, doubly so when you just finished […]


4 Things Canadians Pay WAY too Much For

Rising costs should not come as a surprise to many people. When was the last time you ever saw something go down in price? I’ve had countless backpackers in Canada mention by email or in person that they’re surprised how expensive some things are in Canada. They tend to be curious as to why we’re […]

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