A New Series of Posts: Camping in Canada

So my commitment in this last month has wavered severely, so in order to keep me locked in to write as much as possible, I’ve decided it’s time to start a new series of posts. I’ve been scratching my head on how to approach this idea for a long time, 6 months at least. It’s getting to the point where I’m just ready to dive in and start writing about it. The topic, Camping in Canada.

Ever since I was a kid, camping has been one of the best parts of summer. Memories of gold and pink sunsets, the sound of crickets, the sight of the milky way, the Northern Lights, and enjoying the company of family and friends around a campfire still find their way into my day to day thoughts. There are hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful campsites in Canada waiting to be enjoyed by you.

So over the next few months I’m going to try and tackle writing about some of my favourite Canadian National Parks and private campsites throughout this massive nation. The first post on Camping in Canada should be up soon!

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