5 Reasons to Stay with Country Inns & Suites

As I age, I can’t help but lean more towards hotels these days. I’m a married fellow who very much enjoys his privacy. While I still love making detours to random hostels and hitting up campgrounds in the summer, when I’m on the road and require the luxuries of home, one of my go to hotels are the Country Inns & Suites. I’ve stayed with them nearly a dozen times and find they suit my newfound love into the world of hoteling. Here are 5 key reasons why I’m choosing to stay with Country Inns & Suites more and more.


1. Complimentary Breakfast

I’m cheap. Like stupid cheap sometimes. It can be frustrating for my wife at times, but I like to pinch every penny, and like to make what little money I make last. So when I’m shelling out the shillings on a fancy bed I like to know that I’m getting a bit of a kick back for my service. I see complimentary breakfasts as the ultimate bonus. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, eggs, sausages, bacon, yogurt, those sugary cereals Mom never bought. The breakfast bonanza is a welcome sight at Country Inns & suites. Second helpings… don’t mind if I do.

2. Read It & Return It

I am a sporadic reader. Some years I’ll crush books like icy drinks on a hot summers day, other times, you’d think I’m illiterate. Judging by some of the typos I’ve caught in this blog throughout its 5-6 years, I wouldn’t say that’s too far off. Country Inns & Suites has a cool Read it & Return It book swap program where travellers can ditch finished books and pick up new ones. I’ve seen this same setup in countless hostels across Canada, but seeing it in a hotel is a welcome change!


3. Gain Frequent Flyer Points

Country Inns & Suites is currently promoting their Double the Fun campaign. Where travel point hoarders such as myself can book a night and gain double the frequent flyer points. Tie this in with a credit card setup with Travel Points and you’ll be rolling in promotional currency that will hopefully someday get you someplace new and exciting.


4. Awesome Amenities

Some people travel to hotels for their convenient location. Others for their customer service, and yet some are in it all for the amenities. Whatever you’re reason for staying in a hotel, Country Inns & Suites is proud to boast a well rounded experience, some of the best amenities you can find in hotels in Canada. From free Wi-Fi, Business Centre, and fridge & microwaves in nearly every room, you’re sure to be able to make this your temporary home away from home.


5. They Know Local

Anytime I’m somewhere new, even if it’s just the next city over, I like to find out what’s new in town. What’s the latest restaurant to open, any parks nearby to check out, where’s the “it” place on weekday nights. Fortunately Country Inns & Suites staffs very knowledgeable service agents, prepared for a bombardment of questions such as mine. They are as local as can be, and are a valuable source of information on the city or neighborhood you find yourself in.

It can sometimes be a headache choosing which hotel to stay with when you’re on the road. It can be a huge decision, and in my experience it’s hugely beneficial to know that in nearly every major city in Canada you can find a Country Inns & Suites that is sure to treat you as nice as they’ve treated my wife and I in the past. Book Now with Country Inns & Suites, the The Rest Comes Easy!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Country Inns & Suites By Carlson. All opinions are 100% mine.

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